Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups Of Tea Throughout his experiences Greg Mortenson learned some life changing lessons. On of the most notable of these is when Greg learns from Haji Ali that Americans think that everything has to happen very quickly and that America thought by using a shock and awe tactic towards the war that they could end it before it event began. Also Haji Ali teaches Greg to share 3 cups of tea to slow down and make relations ships and as important as building things.

This quote is very striking in that Haji Ali helps Greg see a major difference between the two cultures: that Americans constantly think that everything has to happen now, oppose to the culture Haji Ali was raised in, they value slowing down and focusing on the important things. After he hears this from Haji Ali he starts to realize the importance of slowing down and savoring things.

From this he learns that he was part of the american way of moving fast though everything until his like changing experiences in the middle east. Greg’s contributions helped pakistan in a multitude of ways. In my opinion Greg’s most important contributions to the education in pakistan is obviously building the schools. But, by building the schools he is helping the children to get a good education, instead of getting a biased education at the Taliban recruit facilities.

So by doing that alone his is contributing to a way greater cause because he is cutting down the amount of kids that they get to brainwash each year. Also he is not just building the schools then leaving but he makes sure that each and everyone gets set up correctly and he helps them get teachers for the schools which is crucial for an education system that will last for a long time and most importantly, be stable.