Team A Learning Team Analysis of Business Specialties Paper Essay

Analysis of Last Course of Action Consulting Firm

This paper will analyze the skill sets inherent in the members of the GEN 480 Team A. This skills analysis builds upon the course deliverable from week two and will address how a specific consulting firm would be established using these skills. Specifically the three suggested types of consulting firms discussed in week two will be narrowed down to a single focus and an assessment of the problems and issues that this consulting firm will address will be presented. A discussion on the services being offered by the teams consulting firm will be presented along with a needs assessment justifying the viability of a consulting firm with the selected business focus

Consulting Firm Type Decision Tree

In a previous discussion the authors of this paper discussed the possibilities of creating a consulting firm based on three potential models; Business Process Efficiency, Global Business Operations, and Change Management. All three of the identified models are within the skill sets of the team, but through a critical analysis the team has selected to pursue a consulting firm focused on Global Business Management.

This selection was the result of an assessment of the pros and cons of each business model. When reviewing the Business Process Efficiency model the team posses the skills required to effectively assist clients on methods to improve internal efficiencies, but this market is crowded with companies offering consultative services such as LEAN, Continuous Process Improvement, and Six Sigma focused procedures. Therefore, finding a niche in this market would be difficult.

The business focus of Change Management was further evaluated but discounted this because the pace of the economy has slowed. This has reduced the pace of mergers and acquisitions, which are the primary motivation for companies to requirement management transformation. When combining the shrinking need and the need to compete against other established consulting firms, it became less appealing.

However, the pace of globalization continues to increase as business of all sizes work to establish a footprint in this world wide playing field. There is a high opportunity potential to provide Global Business Management consulting far into the future. This, coupled with the international experience of the team, will play well into Last Course of Action’s ability to assist clients.

Problems/Issues that Consulting Firm Will Address

Last Course of Action will focus on helping companies establish a global landscape for business operations, which is many times operational redundant due to localized organizational models or un-integrated business technologies or where the global direction of a company is skewed by the local regulations or practices, etc… (from Brion post…just need to refine)

Services Offered by Consulting Firm

Last Course of Action is staffed with individuals that have a high degree of skill in overall business management, global operations and logistics, as well as technologies integral to global process automation.

Global Business Operations

We will focus on Business Management and Operational Logistics as that is were our teams core strengths are and can offer assistance in Process Automation

Analysis of Need for Global Business Operations Consulting

Discuss Need

Our team has very diverse background but the core strengths of the team are those services that our team is offering. We have team mates that are versed in international business and have the background to provide valuable consulting services


In creating a model for the consulting firm, the GEN 480 team considered the three different models (Business Process Efficiency, Global Business Operations, and Change Management).

 The team finally settled for Global Business Operation and discounted the other two due to the fact that the team believes that this particular model is in tune with the happenings in today’s world. We believe that this model will stand the test of time as it is an area in which the potentials have not been fully exploited. in fact, it is still developing. in line with this, we believe that it will last far into the future.

Last Course of Action has the capacity to make the presence of a company more prominent on the global landscape. it has possesses the required personnel who are well grounded in the area of business management, global operations and logistics. All these are required in order to successfully expand the operations of a company beyond the shores of the country.

Whichever company is aspiring to set up overseas branches has to employ the services of professionals in this area. Many companies have tried, with little success as such ventures usually end up bringing losses to the company due to activities that are not in accordance with that of the parent company. This is partly due to poor planning.

Members of the team are the right men/women for this job as we have the requisite knowledge and experience in this area. The firm will definitely provide excellent services that will make the establishment of overseas branches a relatively easy task.