Sexuality And The Transformation Of Religious Views English Literature Essay

In this essay I will concentrate on gender and the transmutation that spiritual positions of gender have undergone over clip. Sexuality and faith have an allergic captivation for each other. I will demo how this dual captivation is still with us and is clear in the dazes environing modern-day representations of same-sex desire, if no longer of ‘normative ‘ heterosexual dealingss. This makes a nineteenth-century novel such as Awful Disclosures which presents subjects on faith and sex seem less a historical wonder than might be hoped. I will utilize this one novel in order to bind together my statement, concentrating on whether modern-day novels show if we ‘ve moved on much since Monk ‘s work or whether there is still a struggle between gender and faith. This ballyhoo artist novel distinguishes between sexual patterns on a spiritual footing. The fresh condones how faith is seen as a manner of counsel and way towards gender, nevertheless at the same clip shows the condemning of gender within a spiritual circle. This procedure is echoed in subsequently plants such as Rabbit, Run, The Handmaid ‘s narrative, The Drowning of Stephan Jones, The Female Man, and Brokeback Mountain. These claims will be traced though three different chapters: Sin and Sexuality, Social Constructions of Sexuality, and eventually Affirming Sexuality. The couplings in each chapter purpose to demo model but distinguishable attitudes towards gender. Novels which will be looked at in this thesis are from a assortment of backgrounds. The earliest work starts from 1836 and sets out a grid for the ulterior novels to be analyzed against. These ulterior novels are all recent or modern-day 1s. I have chosen to utilize these novels in order to exemplify the series of positions on the intervention of gender, runing from what is seen as the ‘normal ‘ to what is seen as the ‘abnormal ‘ . This will assist me demo the scope of issues that have been raised over a century before in what seems a really different novel from the modern-day novels I have chosen to look at. Each work will show a different apprehension of gender and convey the manner in which different thoughts have developed, and more interestingly, how they may or may non hold changed.


The debut will get down by speaking about gender and faith in a wide sense, the manner in which the two thoughts have been perceived. I will speak about what the words mean and what ideas come to mind when speaking about both. Maria Monk ‘s work will be exhaustively examined in the debut, concentrating on the chief subjects and thoughts. This book is possibly a surprising pick in footings of the pick of timeline. The text shows a different history of gender on a deeper degree, the fact that the narrative could hold been a true narrative makes the novel more profound to an person of a spiritual or non spiritual background. Opening my thesis with this novel subsequently will let my thoughts and theories come in to perspective. The hypnotized horror of the corruptness of faith is a stalking-horse for indulging sexual involvements. I will compare this with Foucault ‘s thought of the Victorian age as one in which gender is more talked about than of all time before, it is shown to be more policed, pent-up and theorized.

Maria Monk – “ Atrocious Disclosures ”

James William Bernauer – “ Michel Foucault and divinity: the political relations of spiritual experience ”

Chapter 1 – Sin and Sexuality

Updike ‘s ‘ fresh Rabbit, Run shows gender to be rather lurid, like Awful Disclosures, Updike tells powerful truths about the cardinal facts of life. The fact that the novel portrays the life of a adult male caught between the stones of social duties and desires, links to Maria Monks work through the portraiture of how the priests and nuns spiritual duties and their sexual province of head are presented. I will research how the characters seem to be cognizant of what they are making in the text yet at the same clip cognize that, in footings of their faith, it is still incorrect. Updike is a committed Christian himself ; hence he possibly tries to demo his characters wrestling with the deductions of their beliefs. I will look at Freud ‘s theories in this chapter and present how the fresh battles with gender and the characters ‘ ain spiritual feelings. Freud ‘s atheist positions may come in to perspective here as he defines faith as an semblance ; I will cast visible radiation on his theory of ‘The hereafter of an semblance ‘ by speaking about how the construct of faith claims our belief.

John Updike – “ Rabbit, Run ”

Pamela Thurschwell – Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud – The Future of an semblance

Chapter 2 – Social buildings of Sexuality

This chapter will concentrate on feminist thoughts and challenges to sexist positions. The Handmaids Tale by Atwood nowadayss adult females ‘s positions and explores the altering ways in which adult females experience subjugation. The fact that one of the characters gives birth on a two-tiered parturition stool, so that she can carry through the scriptural pattern of the amah giving birth on the articulatio genuss of the married woman, exemplifies how Atwood uses faith to demo that it is still portion of their life. Womans have ever been endeavoring for alteration in the universe and in today ‘s society. I will utilize this text to demo how feminism has had an influence on adult females and the manner in which these thoughts have been socially constructed and developed. The Female Man by Russ on the other manus is a women’s rightist text which focuses on the control of gender ; the chief facet of the text is to demo how different sexual dealingss which are supported by the bible are accepted.

Margaret Attwood – “ The Handmaid ‘s Tale ”

Joanna Russ – “ The Female Man ”

Chapter 3 – Affirming Sex

This chapter will concentrate more on the trouble and battle of homosexual people. Brokeback Mountain by Proulx shows the trouble of life for two homosexual lovers. The fact that they go on to get married heterosexually shows that society would ne’er hold accepted their true feelings for each other. Confirming their ain feelings and ideas to a society which was so controlled in footings of gender functions makes it harder for them to show themselves ; both book and movie affirm this. The chief subject of Brokeback Mountain is that sex between two work forces is non a wickedness but a natural force of nature. What is seen as “ Christian ” by the disapprobation and forcing of populating unnatural lives in hurting and sadness is a wickedness against God who has created them as Gays. The continuity of disapprobation and phantasy can associate to Maria Monks work by the manner in which sex in portrayed in a spiritual circle. Another novel which I will concentrate on in this chapter will be The Drowning of Stephan Jones by Greene. This fresh nowadayss readers with homophobic hatred ; it shows how being cheery can impact a individual ‘s life dramatically. The book, which represents homosexual young person, presents a universe of verbal maltreatment and torment. This subdivision will let me to look more in deepness at the manner in which the characters deal with their homosexualism. “ There did n’t look to be a individual oculus that was n’t now gazing at the work forces who stood publically condemned ” . This transition shows the issue of disapprobation as being an on-going issue from Monks work to modern-day novels.

Annie Proulx – “ Brokeback Mountain ” ( 1997 ) and movie version released in 2006

Bette Greene – The Drowning of Stephan Jones

Internet site: Sin and Sexuality: Psychobiology and the Development of Homosexuality