Self-Assessment Questions Essay

One of the two factors that seem to underlie the trend toward globalization is change in communication, information, and transpotation technologies. The other factor is the demise of communism in Russia. declining trade barriers. the strength of the U.S. dollar and Japanese Yen. fewer international conflicts. the influence of the United Nations. Which is a consequence of the globalization of production and markets? In the last decade, world trade has not grown as quickly as world output. In the last decade, world trade has grown at the same pace as world output. Foreign direct investment has declined.

Competitive pressures have decreased in multiple industries. Imports have become more prominent in the world’s industrial nations. ______________ are abstract ideals about what a society believes to be good, right, and desirable.


Social rules
Pragmatic nationalism sees the multinational enterprise as an imperialist tool for exploiting host countries. True
In a(n) _______________, barriers to trade between member countries are removed, but each country determines its own external trade policy. customs union common market economic union free trade area