Seducing another gender has always been an important issue Essay

Seducing another gender has always been an important issue among individuals. In the past, women wanted to make themselves beautiful and attractive for men but during the modern times, the beautification of oneself is not only a womanly affair. In fact, men use lots of products that men in the past never used. These products include hair gel, wax, perfume, earrings, face washing-foam among many others. As a result, males need to pay a lot of attention to the brands of the products that they use to enhance their appearance because during the modern times, a woman’s standard for a man is getting higher.

For examples, nowadays, perfumes take most important place for almost every man who wants to attract another sex. Thousands of varieties of perfumes are already in the market to meet the inevitable need of men. In the past, the only purpose of a perfume was to give someone a pleasant smell but now, there are specific perfumes that must be used for specific seasons. There are perfumes that are only used when dating another sex. Imagine a scene where a woman gets easily attracted to the man she dates with because of her smell. The ad for the Armani code gives same idea, an idea that the other perfume company is trying to reach in their advertisement.

The centerpiece of this advertisement is the model. He is emphasized using several techniques. The designers of this ad set dark background that gives more emphasis to the model. As this perfume is for the men, the male model is placed in the center of the ad.

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In the picture, the model is a clean shaved handsome man with sharp eyes. He is staring on the perfume and not on the camera. On the right side of his body is a woman standing with her head leaning on the man’s shoulder. Her face is very close to the man which makes to think that she is whispering to the man with her lovely voice. Her facial expression makes the audience think that she is already attracted to the man. This shows that because of the perfume, the man is able to get the woman’s attention.

Another technique that the designers used to show that a perfume is very important to a man nowadays is the placing of the product name at the center of the ad. Right under the product name is the tagline which says “The ultimate code of seduction for men”. By doing so, they already emphasized that their brand of perfume is the best perfume that a man can have in order to seduce a woman. The ad is not crowded with words, but it still leaves a strong concept to the mind of the consumers.

Lastly, the words that the advertisement use makes the audience feel that they badly need the product. The advertisement designer places a sample scent at the back of the ad. Written on the folded part are the lines “Lift here to discover ARMANI CODE for men”. The designers prefer to use the word ‘discover’ instead of the word ‘find’. This is because they want to give the impression that this product is a treasure to discover and not just an ordinary object to find.

With the use of the different techniques in promoting the product, which is the perfume, the advertisement makes me realize two things. First, this advertisement proved that in the modern times, a perfume plays a very important role for a man to be able to seduce a woman. The advertisement makes the man thinks that smelling good in front of a woman is one of the ultimate measures to attract a man. Second, it shows that instead of the internal qualities of a person, it is his physical appearance that defines his personality. For example, this ad shows that instead of the internal characteristics of a man, a woman will want a man if he has a good physical appearance, such as smelling good.