Road to Hell Essay

1. Identify at least 2 major mistakes Baker made in the final interview with Rennalls. Explain why they were mistakes and what he might have done instead. A:  •2 major mistakes, 1) Baker knew a lot about Rennalls’s political views and racial issues sensitivity, but Baker made a mistake building his interview from his European perspective. Baker assumed that he gave some historical and personal suggestions that were not meant to be offensive. However, from Rennalls’s point of view, the suggestions were totally inappropriate. 2) Through the interview, Baker emphasized several times the importance and leading position of European staff in the company. In the effort to teach Rennalls to better cooperate with this leadership, Baker even offered a historical example, he put European culture on a pedestal of 300 years of development and left Barracania at the bottom of the human history.

•What he might have done instead.
The main barrier to the problem solving is misunderstanding between people with different cultures. 1) Cultural diversity: being attentive to the culture values and norms of the foreign employees are very important. 2) Have the ability to integrate.

2. What actions should Baker take after receiving the resignation from Renalls? A: In my opinion, Baker is a racist, despite his unintentional behavior can be considered intentional. I think Baker should try to change his attitude and deal this problem carefully, anyhow he will always face this kind of issues in next job and continue to go through the same problem.

Thus Baker should make an apology to Rennalls and to persuade him to stay at the company.

3. Do you think that Remalls is a good match for Continental Ore? Explain why or why not. What additional information do you need to answer this question? A:  Rennalls is one of the brightest Barracanian prospects on the staff of Caribbean Bauxite, he is a good match for Continental Ore. However his well-educated made him sensitive to political, racial and equality issues involving relations between his culture and western influence. Rennalls should be change his behavior in sensitive to any sign of condescension on working with expatriates.

This case is one of many examples of how people from different cultures and backgrounds do not take diversity into consideration. They evaluate and measure each other by their own perceptions, which often lead to serious misunderstanding and conflicts.