Manager Skill Set Assessment Essay

Manager Skill Set Assessment

            The results of the Manager Skill Set Assessment were very enlightening. I was able to gauge the level of my competency as the Team leader in the company. Initially, I thought that the test was going to be easy and uncomplicated but as I went through the entire test, it made me think twice of my answers. For me, the most difficult thing to do is self-assessment because I tend to be over critical of myself. Because of this characteristic, I cannot really fully determine my strengths and weaknesses. It is easier and more beneficial if a third party is involved in the assessment. More so, it would be more productive if another person preferably someone superior to you, would criticize your performance and competence because they are in a position wherein they are capable of assessing an employee’s accomplishments. Fortunately, the test involves the opinion of another individual and the person that I requested to rate my competency was the Office manager. After I answered the first column, I asked the Office manager to fill up the second column. After this, we answered the third column together. We shared inputs on how the following skills should be prioritized in accordance with my job functions as the Team leader.

            As soon as we were finished in answering the test, we immediately determine the skills where I have received high ranking. It turned out that my strengths were the following: (1) Planning, prioritising and organising tasks and activities, time management, self and team; (2) Communication skills, questioning and active listening, building trust, empathy and mutual understanding; and (3) Administration; financial/performance reporting, monitoring, maintaining and developing reporting systems. For the first and second skill, I am aware that these are my strengths because I am constantly complemented by my officemates as well as my superiors about the manner I carry out my tasks. But having learned that I also have skills in providing excellent administrative, monitoring and reporting skills, I realized that there are still things that I do not know about myself. Having known this, I can now focus on this skill so that I can further improve it in order to become a more effective Team leader. Aside from this, I have realized that I still have skills that I need to improve on. The Office manager rated some of the skills that I consider as my strengths as my weaknesses. Because of this criticism, I will make a conscious effort to develop my skills in: (1) Training and developing other, coaching and mentoring, assessing training needs; (2) Performance appraisals planning, conducting and follow-up for team and self; (3) One-to-one counselling, handling grievances, discipline, helping and enabling others with their challenges; and (4) Appreciation/application of social responsibility, sustainability, humanity and ethical considerations.

            After leaning about the results, the next thing to do is use the information constructively. For my strengths, I would engage in trainings or workshops in order to learn new things so that I would be able to improve for the better as a Team leader. Meanwhile, for my weak points, I can solicit the advice of my superiors on how to be better in chosen craft. Also, since they are more knowledgeable and more experienced, they can provide sensible suggestions or recommendations. In addition, I can also enrol in short course regarding management. Through this, I will be able to learn new concepts and at the same time apply it at the workplace.

            For me, the test is an effective tool in measuring managerial competence. It determines the strengths and weaknesses of an individual through his or her point of view combined with the opinion of another employee with a higher position. Through this, a comprehensive and highly reliable information can be produced which would aid in the improvement of an employee’s performance as well as productivity.