Edmond Dantes Character Analysis Essay Sample

Before his imprisonment. Edmond Dantes was what you’d considered as every parent’s dream kid. He’s what you’d describe as hard-working. honest and inexperienced person to the point that he is naif. He cared vastly for his aging male parent. ever desiring the best for him and providing him with love and money. Edmond admired his foreman. Monsieur Morrel greatly. and he even thought kindly of the three work forces who clearly loath him. Everything was traveling crestless wave for the immature crewman as he was shortly to get married Mercedes. the love of his life and had been promoted to captain of the Pharaon but that all changed when his sneak plotters plot against him. The plotters. otherwise known as Danglars. Mondego and Villefort’s despicable actions lead Edmond down a way of 14 old ages in prison. During his 14 old ages in prison. Edmond transformed into a adult male filled with retribution. hatred and hungry for retaliation. He was no longer the positive and optimistic immature adult male. This was all thanks to the great Abbe Faria. an old but wise priest who gave Edmond the most valuable gift one can have ; cognition. With Abbe’s aid. Edmond realized those who wronged him and vow to do their life miserable as they did to his.

Abbe besides taught Edmond accomplishments from fencing to economic sciences since he would necessitate it for his journey to seek retaliation. Edmond who subsequently changed to Count of Monte Cristo. maintain his bitter. craft and cold hearted ways throughout the novel until he encountered a profound state of affairs that left him oppugning his actions. In chapter LXIX page 97. the novel stated “Since the decease of small Edouard a great alteration had taken topographic point in Monte Cristo. Having arrived at the acme of his retribution after his slow and Byzantine ascent. he had looked down into the abysm of uncertainty. ” The Count. evidently affected by the result of his actions. doubted himself and if God had truly supported his retaliation as guiltless lives were taken. His last actions included nobbling Danglars but spared his life as he wished to set an terminal to the retribution he one time seeked which showed The Count’s good nature was revived at the terminal of the novel. From optimistic. inexperienced person to bitter and full of hatred to one time a once more a compassionate adult male. Edmond Dantes/ The Count of Monte Cristo had a rollercoaster drive of a life with copiousness of ups and downs and hurting but he endured it all.