Do Foreign Workers Benefit the Host Country? Essay Sample

In many states. foreign labour is an of import portion of the economic system. Using migratory labour can lend to the development of a state. but it can besides do economic jobs. What are some of the advantages and drawbacks of expatriate labour for a country’s economic system? The development of states such as Singapore. Brunei. the Gulf states. and even the US has been helped greatly by 1000000s of foreign workers. While foreign workers are inexpensive and speedy. they can besides do jobs for the economic system of the state. In this essay I will look at some of the jobs caused by an exile work force and suggest that we need a balanced attack to using foreign workers. There are many obvious advantages to utilizing foreign labour. First of all. they are normally inexpensive. Workers from Bangladesh. India or the Philippines are happy to work for wages which are high in comparing to their place states but low in the host state. Foreign workers are besides ready to work in distant topographic points or at times when local workers would non. A 2nd point is that foreign workers are normally job-ready. They do non necessitate expensive college instruction or preparation.

They may hold accomplishments non available in the new state. A 3rd point is that many migratory workers are ready to work in occupations that are excessively soiled or unsafe for subjects such as building or cleansing. All these advantages mean that the economic system is boosted by inexpensive labour and low production costs. However. there are concealed costs to the economic system of the state. One major drawback is that the workers are directing a batch of money place. alternatively of passing it. This consequences in a loss of foreign exchange for the state. Another point is that they may take occupations from locals. More significantly. they cut down the wages for some occupations. For illustration. employers will pay really low wages for some occupations which some locals might wish to make but could non last on. Security is another issue.

Foreign workers can go forth at any clip if there is a political or other job. and this can intend a sudden loss of accomplishments and experience. An extra point is that the inflow of foreign workers can set force per unit area on services such as infirmaries or lodging. and these costs have to be paid by the province. non the employers who are acquiring rich. All these factors can ensue in economic jobs for the authorities. In decision it’s of import to hold some control over the usage of foreign workers. and to do certain that utilizing them does non interrupt the labour market for local workers. One manner is to pay them higher wages and give them full protection. States should seek to use their ain citizens foremost before turning outside and depending on foreign labour.