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Positions and Fictional characters

Flannery O Connor wrote the short narrative, A Good Man is Difficult to Find in the hopes of portraying to the reader the racialist positions of the clip: many of the ideals possess a sort of holy lunacy or beauty. ( Kirszner 238 ) . These are the words mentioned in Literature, and show the emotions that O Connor made the grandma experience in the narrative.

The narrative takes on a kind of sarcasm throughout to supply a comedic expression at old values and traditions, exposing to the reader how we advance over clip. The grandmother really ignorantly describes merely how separate dark and light coloured people were during the period:

Oh expression at the cunning small piccaninny! she said and pointed to a Negro kid standing in the door of a hovel. Wouldn T that make a image, now? she asked and they all turned and looked at the small Negro out of the dorsum window. He waved.

He didn Ts have any britches on, June Star said.

He likely didn Ts have any, the grandma explained. Small niggas in the state Don Ts have things like we do.

The linguistic communication that is shown in this subdivision of the narrative clearly demonstrates the difference between what is acceptable, and what is racialist. O Connor clearly provides us that she ne’er has the purpose to be racist herself, but instead her characters, perchance an influence in her life, are to fault. The grandma shows her niceness to June, but besides shows her discourtesy by depicting the dark colored boy with such racialist footings, supplying the reader with a sense of the sanctum lunacy that resides within her.

The narrative contains 11 characters, of which merely one illustrates her deficiency of coming together and acknowledging everyone as a whole, instead than as separate races. Despite the obvious difference in linguistic communication barriers, the grandma does reflect a soft side:

Two lumbermans come in here last hebdomad, Red Sammy said, driving a Chrysler. It was a old battered auto but it was a good one and these male childs looked wholly right to me. Said they worked at the factory and you know I allow them lumbermans charge the gas they bought? Now why did I make that?

Because you re a good adult male! the grandma said at one time.

Of noteworthy importance, the name Sam means to listen, or to hear, back uping the fact of racial differences. ( Babycenter ) This could be the account why the characters, Sam and the grandma, hour angle

ve the most polite conversation in the full short narrative. The two seem to link on a degree, about as if they had been long lost friends and merely acquainted by destiny. These two besides portion a bigoted position of European provinces, farther lending to the complex positions of the grandma. The conversation between Sam and the grandma shows the beauty that people with such hatred for others can portion.

The narrative has one concluding struggle between the grandma and her valued traditions, taking topographic point between her and the Misfit. The Misfit is described earlier in the narrative as person that people would non desire to run into, but the grandma s unusual appraisal of certain state of affairss rapidly turn her against her ain words:

Listen, the grandma about screamed, I know you re a good adult male. You don t look a spot like you have common blood. I know you must come from nice people!

Yes Mam, he said, finest people in the universe. When he smiled he showed a row of strong white dentition. God ne’er made a finer adult female than my female parent and my daddy s bosom was pure gold, he said.

So while the grandma seemed to hold treated the Misfit as an foreigner, she rapidly tries to fall in his side in hopes of compensating a incorrect. This is a really curious manner of covering with a individual who late escaped from a federal penitentiary. Despite the fact that this is a convicted criminal, the grandma tries to happen a similar trait within him that she can associate to, and yet with the dark male child mentioned earlier she uses her intuition to judge the two so they match her beliefs. The grandma most clearly portrays her sort of sanctum lunacy and beauty, in an wholly equivocal manner.

An analysis of the full state of affairs that the grandma generates in this narrative provides the reader with a alone deconstruction of the narrative. O Connor smartly masks the grandma as a saint, but we subsequently discover the truth about merely how perverse she is. The beauty and holy lunacy is apparent throughout the full narrative and illustrated best when the characters interact.

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