Character Analysis of “Thank you M’am” by Langston Hughes Essay Sample

It is really hard to want things in life and non be able to afford them. Regardless of how affluent a individual is. there is normally something that is out of range. The short narrative “Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes looks at this really job. desiring something that is out of range. The chief character Roger wants bluish suede places and attempts to steal money to purchase them. but in the terminal. he additions more than places. Roger alterations throughout the narrative from a naive and unprompted male child. to a male child with a greater understanding about swearing and appreciating people. In the beginning of the narrative Roger is naive and unprompted. He attempts to snap Mrs. Jones’s pocketbook but ends up acquiring knocked on his “blue-jean sitter” ( ) . He naively believes that stealing is an easy and sensible solution to his job. desiring bluish suede places. He clearly has non thought out his program but acts on urge because he is easy overcome by Mrs. Jones. an aged adult female. He farther shows how naive his is when he responses “Yes’m” and “No’m” to Mrs. Jones’ inquiries about rinsing his face. feeding and larceny ( ) . His weak responses indicate that he is scared and unsure about what to make in this state of affairs.

He is intimidated instantly by Mrs. Jones which demonstrates that he is a naive condemnable moving on urge without a well-thought out program. Although Roger begins the narrative naive and impulsive. he changes and additions understanding in the terminal. Through his brush with Mrs. Jones. Roger learns a valuable lesson about swearing people and becomes thankful for aid from a alien in the terminal. When Mrs. Jones takes Roger back to her room. he does non steal from her even though he easy could when she turns her back on him ( ) . He sees how she is willing to take attention of him. a perfect alien. and wants her to swear him. He appreciates the compassion she shows for him and it encourages him to refund her by demoing her regard and deriving her trust. Roger additions further understanding when Mrs. Jones says that she excessively made hapless picks because she wanted things she could non hold and implies that she stole excessively when she was immature ( ) .

Roger is able to see that many people are like him and battle with lacking things but stealing is non the solution. Through Mrs. Jones’s kindness and generousness. Roger sees that inquiring people for aid is a better attack to stealing. As a consequence. Roger leaves the brush with Mrs. Jones with more than the 10 dollars she gave him to purchase the places. he leaves with a better understanding about how to swear and handle people. Roger began as an unprompted naive male child. but learned a valuable lesson in swearing and appreciating people. Through this narrative. Langston Hughes wants to remind the reader of how of import it is for people to swear and trust on each other. Life can be really hard ; nevertheless. life is a batch easier when people treat other with regard. trust each other and take attention of one another.