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Apostle Paul Essay, Research Paper

The Apostle Paul was born around the twelvemonth of 3 A.D. in the Jewish community of Tarsus. When he was born, his rigorous Pharisee parents dedicated him to the service of God and did all they could to convey him up every bit good Jew. From age five to ten he studied under his male parent, a Judaic Pharisee. His male parent taught him the Bibles and traditional authorship. Paul was sent to Jerusalem at approximately ten old ages old to go to the rabbinical school of Gamaliel. Gamaliel was the most celebrated rabbi who is mentioned in the New Testament ( Acts 5:34 ) . Gamaliel shortly discovered Saul was an enthusiastic pupil and expected great things from him. He felt that he would be a great leader. Saul was dedicated in all his acquisition that he captured the bosom of his instructor. He was a devoted pupil that had a existent love for larning the Bibles and worship. When Saul was in his twentiess he went place to Tarsus. Saul left Jerusalem with the cognition and experiences he learned from Gamaliel & # 8217 ; s school.

Saul did non believe Jesus was the Messiah because Jesus frequently denounced the Pharisees and seemed to oppose all their regulations. He had one time heard that Jesus taught the people to disobey the rabbis and had caused pandemonium in the temples. All true Hebrews accused Him as enemy of Israel. Saul believed that anyone who followed Jesus should be put to decease. With this thought in head he returned to Jerusalem and offered his service to the high priest to oppress anyone who is opposed to the manner of the temple. Saul took his occupation so ferociously that every worshipping assembly feared his name. He had a pique and was merciless. He was speedy to penalize. Saul literally dragged trusters, cast them into prison, and sentenced them to decease. Angered by his futile attempts to halt the spread of Christianity, Saul prepared a trip to Damascus, where he had heard many Christians were concealing. Not merely were they concealing, they were besides prophesying Christ in the temples at that place. So, accompanied by a troop of armed temple guards, Saul rode out of Jerusalem to the metropolis of Damascus. As they neared the outer border of the metropolis, a shaft of light much brighter than the noonday Sun all of a sudden fell upon the small company. The group fell to the land seeking to protect their eyes from the blinding visible radiation. A voice from heaven spoke to Saul.

& # 8220 ; Saul, Saul, why do you oppress me? & # 8221 ; ( Acts 9:4 ) . Then Saul asked, & # 8220 ; Who are you Lord? & # 8221 ; ( Acts 9:5 ) The voice replied, & # 8220 ; I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you persecute & # 8221 ; ( Acts 9:5 ) . Then Saul asked what he should make. Jesus answered & # 8220 ; But acquire up and travel into the metropolis, where you will be told what you must make ( Act 9:6 ) . Saul was blinded for three yearss and neither Ate nor drank during that clip. In Damascus,

there was a certain adherent named Ananias. The Lord came to him in a vision. In that dream the Lord commanded Ananias to look for Saul and set his custodies on him that he may have his sight. Ananias went out in the metropolis of Damascus and found Saul. He did what the Lord told him to make, and Saul received his sight and was baptized. Saul was now a born-again Christian. He would populate a life for the cause of Christ.

In Paul & # 8217 ; s Christology, Resurrection and redemption is of import. Paul has strong believes about it. Atonement is a decease of Jesus. Jesus & # 8217 ; decease had a batch of significances and it was truly of import to human sort. Paul stated it clearly that Jesus died for our wickednesss. & # 8221 ; People commit incorrect actions, for which they require forgiveness or acquittal requires the sledding of blood & # 8221 ; . When we were evildoers, God got so angry to us. If the wickedness is worthy to decease that means everybody has to decease, but Jesus helped us by seting himself as a forfeit. & # 8221 ; But God proves his love for us in that while we still were evildoers, Christ died for us & # 8221 ; . ( Romans5: 8 ) We are protected by Jesus & # 8217 ; blood from the wrath of God. & # 8220 ; For if while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the decease of his boy, much more certainly, holding been reconciled, will we be saved by his life & # 8221 ; . ( Romans5: 10 ) From these statements, we can cognize that Jesus decease was valuable for all of us and Paul believed that Jesus did non decease in vain. Jesus gave us peace from the wrath of God. Resurrection is metempsychosis of Jesus. This is of import in Paul & # 8217 ; s belief. In the Romans, Paul said & # 8221 ; therefore we have been buried with him by baptism into the decease, so that merely as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorification of the Father, so we excessively might walk in newness of life & # 8221 ; . ( Romans6: 4 ) People, who are already dead, they are free from their wickednesss. Because of decease, our iniquitous organic structures were destroyed and we are no longer slaves of wickednesss. & # 8221 ; The decease he died, he died to transgress one time for all, but the unrecorded he lives, he lives for God & # 8221 ; ( Romans6: 10 ) Paul explained in the missive that people should intrust our organic structure to transgress, and allow our liquors free from wickedness, and give it to God. & # 8220 ; But now that you have been freed from wickedness and enslaved to God, the advantage you get is sanctification. The terminal is ageless Life & # 8221 ; . ( Romans6: 22 ) Paul thinks that everybody must take part in the decease and Resurrection of Christ. Try non to be evildoers and after decease, Jesus provides us to ageless life. & # 8220 ; But if we besides live with him. We know that Christ, being raised from dead, will ne’er decease once more ; decease no longer has rule over him & # 8221 ; . ( Romans6: 8-9 ) Jesus decease made us that we can be a portion of Jesus, or to populate with besides die for him. Jesus decease died non for merely of our wickednesss but besides it is that we can experience near to him.