Animal testing should be illegal Essay


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            Through the years, animal testing has become a constant discussion for many people. The legality of animal testing has become a  very controversial topic that has hounded the entire world through the years. At some point, it’s very clear to understand why advocates of animal rights oppose animal experiments. Definitely, nobody wants to bear witness another creature endure hardship. Animal testing is an act of cruelty to animals and there should be a great amount of attention given to it. It’s status of being legal should be reviewed and that there should be immediate concern regarding the negative effects that it produces to animals. Though through the years, animal testing has been a source of assistance to human beings, it has been a very damaging concern on the part of the animals. People should not rely solely on animal testing in order to achieve results and other conclusions regarding certain research works. It is high time to reconsider the basis of animal testing as a legal act. The grounds of this act of cruelty to animals should be greatly taken into great consideration and be bound as something illegal.


            There are three types of animal testing and these three are the commonly utilized reasons for it. They are product testing, research, and education and training. In the process of product testing, animals are utilized to check and test products’ safety and security for consumption. Animals are utilized in order to achieve different positive and negative results with regards to the effectiveness of a certain and specific product. Many companies utilize this type of testing in order to achieve total quality and sufficient conclusive ideas about their products. They rely on animals for testing due to the fact that animals have become their only option through the years.

            The second type of animal testing is for research purposes. Many animal tests have been performed in order to achieve advancements in science and in the discoveries of developments in medicines. Animals are being utilized in order to seek out the pros and cons of certain drugs or medicines. The most common utilized animal for these kinds of research is a guinea pig. Many scientists rely on animals to provide them results that can be attributed to humans due to their qualities. The positive and negative effects presented by these research are the ones put into record and incorporated with the discoveries of different scientific conclusions.

            Another use of animal testing is for education and training. In most schools and universities, one can see different animals or even animal parts that are utilized in order to discuss certain and specific topics for study. The most common animal used for study are frogs. In most biology courses, frogs are utilized to perform dissection. There are also other animals utilized for education and training, though frogs are the most commonly used of all of them.

            Nonetheless, with all the uses of animal testing, it is still an act of cruelty to animals or species lesser than people. Whatever purpose they may serve, animal testing is still a form of harm to animals wherein people stick different forms of gadgets and needles in order to gain knowledge. With the advancement of technology nowadays, there are other alternative forms rather than animal testing.

            Yes, it is true that humans are more capable than animals. But it is also true that animals have been very much taken advantaged by people due to this inferiority. Try visiting different research facilities involving the testing of animals. The site is not pretty and the cruelty is all over the place. For some, it has been a constant act and that animals are just test subjects. Many of these animals have been tested by some cosmetic companies, but not all cosmetic companies which in turn just shows that there is an alternative way.

            There have been various heeds with regards to animal testing, in Australia, there are the 3 Rs which are refinement, reduction and replacement. These 3 Rs are forms of action towards solutions with regards to animal testing. Refinement is one form in order to lessen the suffering and pain of procedures undertaken by animals that still need to be utilized. Reduction stand for the lessening of the number of animals utilized in order to acquire the information needed by different research groups. And lastly, replacement, it is the form of the total annihilation of the whole utilization of animals for testing in exchange for non-living materials.


            The fight for animal rights have been going on for years and years. Many different organizations worldwide have been clamoring for change and consideration of laws regarding animals. Many have been protesting with regards to animal torture and killings day in and day out. If many of the world’s leaders stay deaf or blind about the impact of this negative system, the world would never be a better place for all living things. If people are not prevented from utilizing animals in order to acquire knowledge or to test commercial products, who knows what will happen to the balance of nature. People must remember that animals are also living things, just the same as human beings. Taking lives or using lives in order for product testing and all those other stuffs in between is clearly a cruel act of violence. These people should search for many other alternatives other than animals to gain their necessary data about their research. Animal testing should be clearly made illegal in order to stop this and to prevent it from growing until the future. If this can’t be stopped, who knows what the future will hold next for all living things alike.


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