Animal Communication: The Owner’s Influence Essay

Animal Communication: The Owner’s Influence

1. List and describe two different types of multiple personality syndromes that an animal may have.

Multiple personality syndromes can be categorized into two types. The first type is disintegration wherein the animal’s personality becomes fragmented. This is usually caused by trauma or faulty chemical systems in the animal’s body. The second type of MPS is outside influence. Unlike the first type, in this category, the animal adapts a new personality into himself thus creating two or even more than two distinct personalities. Thus, the animal possesses two personalities rather than fragments of a single personality.
2. List six different environmental needs that an animal may have.

Some of the environmental needs that an animal may have are (1) company which is with the same species as well as others and the owner, (2) diet suitable for the particular animal’s species, (3) regular exercise which depends on species, (4) a suitable bed and shelter, (5) appropriate veterinary care and (6) discipline and training.

3. What are the three main areas we need to address in order for an animal to maintain physical and mental health?
Physical and mental health of an animal can be maintained by addressing (1) chemical, (2) structural and (3) spiritual or emotional areas.

4. Describe in your own words how conscious and subconscious instruction we give our animals may confuse them or lead to an undesirable behavior.
Our conscious and subconscious instructions to our animals may confuse them if the information we give them are conflicting within us. Even if we instruct them consciously in a body language, our subconscious mind might be instructing them contrary to what are actions express. Thus, animals become confused since they can detect the real intentions and thoughts of their owners.

5. Name three types of behavior/animal treatment that could lead to a problem.
There are three main types of animal treatment that could lead to a problem. These are (1) spoiling the animal, (1) abusing the animal or (3) neglecting them.

6. What is the function of the second heart chakra and where is it located? Why may an animal find their way to us under unusual circumstances?
The second heart chakra is linked to the energy systems of an animal although it is not directly a part of the system. It is responsible for the ability of the animal to heal others around him by transmuting the negative energies of others. The chakra is located in the flank of many species of animals. Animals sometimes find their way to us in some unusual situations because they have something in them that we are uniquely lacking. At times, they can bring healing or at times they present a lesson to us.