Animal communication – course Essay

1.      Selfishness can be considered a good thing to mankind since it gives man a chance to cultivate his being. If man is selfish, he has the tendency to perform well, organize, refresh his identity and make himself happy, thus, giving himself greater chances to be available for help to others.

2.      Delta brainwave state has a frequency range between 0Hz-4Hz

3.      Animals could come into man’s life for reasons of diversion, environmentalism, and vegetarianism. Some animals are considered by humans as channels to divert man’s desire to love if they can’t find it from their opposite sex. While other human beings chose to conserve animals in order to give respect to nature and environment. Whilst, some men may opt to eat vegetables other than animals because of man’s innate compassion towards them.

4.      Selfless love to animals means that humans alike have the responsibility to avoid harmful ways that could detriment their conditions as animals and could put their lives in danger.

5.      Animals are less judgmental because unlike humans, they may love and forgive unconditionally. No matter how many times they are treated badly, they remain to be amiable to humans. This would only of course apply to animals that are harmless and can be considered as pets.

6.      I can’t provide answer for the question on this number since I don’t have any idea with your first exercise.

7.      As defined, clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things and events that are beyond the range of sight. Clairvoyance helps humans in making decisions on a greater scope of life’s possibilities. It can also be used by humans as a means to communicate effectively with their animals since most of its communication involves clairvoyant or telepathic techniques. A person who is gifted with clairvoyance also helps other people see what he can see.

8.      Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is the other name of electromagnetic field.

9.      Animals tend to communicate with human beings nonverbally by using their thoughts forms, sounds, images, and their body language as well. A cat for instance, can use its wagging tail to let a person know that he wants to play or have fun.

10.  Dendritic growth is a term which involves the existence of metallic fibers that is visible and growing among conductors which are having the presence of electric biases and reduced mixtures.

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