Animal communication Essay

Animal communication

Describe in your own words why all thought is energy

One’s reflections produce the reality. The thoughts are waves and the brain transmits power from the body and propels out waves of thought. The brain consumes a lot of energy to produce some thoughts. Optimistic thoughts make use of more of energy because more energy is required to maintain positive thoughts. It entails a lot of thought to turn energy into physical form. (Feldam 214)
Name three symptoms of Munchausen by proxy.

Munchausen by proxy is often seen in a parent especially a mother tries to express to other people the devotion they have towards their child. The person with MSP disorder emerges to be friendly and supportive with to health care providers, shows a lot of concern on the selected patient or the child. The child or the designated patients may have a past of many hospitalizations whereby the caregiver reports the worsening of the patient while the hospital staff does not observe any symptoms. The victims of this ailment exhibit genuine symptoms of illness along with the exaggeration and fabrication of other symptoms. A child has multiple therapeutic problems that don’t act in response to treatment or that follow a constant and mystifying course. The parent or caregiver is not happy when the results don’t show any medical problems but rather keep on believing that the child is ill. (Lasher $ Sheridan 258)

Describe Munchausen by proxy in your own words.

By proxy refers to an alternate. It is a kind of factitious disorder, a psychological disorder which is described by a pattern of behavior where the person more often than not a mother who is taking care of a human being compose physical ailments upon another person. It involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary care taker. People with munchausen by proxy assumes the role of a sick person indirectly by producing or lying about illness in another person indirectly under their care. The people with these syndromes articulate the inner need for the other person to be seen ill or injured. The people with this disorder don’t behave like this to gain the favor of financial aid from other people but rather to attract the sympathy and special attention from other people. MSP is considered to be a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties. (Feldam 244)

Design you own communication record sheet.

Learning Outcomes
Oral communication

Personal Development

Give two reasons why an animal might not want to get well.

The animals want to get more attention from the other animals. Their continued illness will draw attention and sympathy from other animals. The animals might also want to attract the care of other animals that will provide from them. (Artingstall 187)
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of written or voice recorded records.


The information can be easily retrieved as original as it was and also they are light so it can be easily carried from one place to another. The information is reliable since it gives the original information. (Artingstall 192)


 The software for voice recording is not available to everyone. Some have Limited storage capacity. Most of the voice recorders have limited capacity and cannot accommodate every voice that a person wants to record. (Louisa & Sheridan 305)

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