Analytical : Advert Essay

Analytical Essay

I. Introduction

            We always see different kinds of advertisements whether on television, prints, streets, buildings, or billboards. Advertisements can be said as the main attraction of anything. In order to attract customers, there are different ways to become intriguing – the model, setting, creativity, and of course the product. Realizing those advertisements, they usually focus on the needs of women more than men. It means that women need more objects in order to become attractive or just to become part of the society. By sharing the knowledge and symbolisms of advertisements, we tend to realize their true meaning rather than informing the public about their products.

II. Description of the chosen Advertisement

            The advertisement that I chose is the Clinique lipstick. It has no model within the said print advertisement. The print advertisement contains the red and delicious lipstick with fresh cherry, strawberry, and blueberry. A well introduced lipstick matches these three delicious fruits. The advertisement is simple but the attack and strategy is great. It has messages that elaborate the life and characteristic of the lipstick.

Lusciously kissable.

You won’t be the only one who notices it’s fragrance-free.

Let us share a little secret, straight from the lips of millions of women.

There’s nothing like the luscious side of allergy tested, fragrance-free lip colour.

Start with Different Lipstick. Irresistibly smooth and comfortable, now in more shades of cream to pearl. Each packed with seven emollients. And not a lick of fragrance.

We have to wonder why you’d wear anything else.

Clinique. Allergy Tested/ 100% Fragrance Free.

            These statements signify the body and style of the lipstick. Without even saying the meaning of this lipstick, people or women would already understand the use of this lipstick not only as their necessity for their lips but also for their personality.

III. Target Audience of the chosen advertisement

            I chose the advertisement of Clinique. I can say that though it did not use any model, it gave what the product is trying to impose. By looking at the advertisement, one can feel that it was a form of attraction – attraction in a sense of seducing its customers and their partners. The target audience of this advertisement is women. What this product shows is to enable women to become more seductive and attractive once they use this lipstick. Actually, most of the targets of these advertisements are women. It is because women need not to be plain in the eyes of their partners or in the eyes of everyone. Therefore, in order to become aggressive and to gain their self-esteem, they need this kind of products. The phrase “lusciously kissable” implies that women will become like this once they tried it.

            I knew that women are the target audience of this advertisement because of the product. Men do not use lipstick unless they are gays. Therefore, logically or literally speaking, this product or advertisement is for women who wanted to gain their self-esteem and to become “part” of “dictator society”. For me, “dictator society” means that society dictates who are beautiful and ugly. Advertisement is part of this kind of society wherein they produce products that would make women or sometimes men become good looking because society only allow those people who look good physically and not emotionally.

IV. Types of Appeals that are connected to the advertisement

            This advertisement show different types of appeals such as need for sex, need to achieve, need for affiliation, and need to satisfy curiosity. I can say that this advertisement shows the need for sex because this is actually what this advertisement is trying to impose. In order to become delicious and to be attractive in the eyes of your partner, you need to become “lusciously kissable”. We all know that in this liberated country, once a couple started kissing, it does not end up with just a kiss. By way of thinking, using Clinique lipstick, a woman will become more delicious and seductive. Another thing is that red means love. Strawberry and cherry along with lipstick signifies urge and heat. Therefore, need for sex is implied by this advertisement.

            Need to achieve is next because this product shows that women need to achieve something in order to gain their self-esteem. By this aspect, self-esteem or confidence is attached to the advertisement. By using this product or any other product, women will achieve their confidence. Therefore, need to achieve as one type of appeal can be seen in this advertisement.

            Need for affiliation can also be seen in this advertisement because women need to affiliate to others. “Let us share a little secret, straight from the lips of millions of women.” This message shows that women need to become affiliated in this product in order to become part of the trend. Logically, once a product is out in the market and many people bought this product, we also wanted to try it because we want to say anything or to attest that certain product once our friends talk about it. It is a way of affiliation not because of the product alone but because of the actions or words of the people within your surroundings. By their testimonies, you would have the reason to buy even if you don’t want to.

            Need to satisfy curiosity is the last appeal that can be said in this advertisement based on my assertion. Literally, we are all curious of a certain product once we heard it on the radio or see it on television. We also want to try it especially if our friends and/or relatives also tried it. When we heard that many people are satisfied to a certain product and we haven’t tried it yet, we need to buy that product not because of necessity but because of curiosity. In the case of this advertisement, women need to satisfy their curiosity so they need to buy this product. The advertisement also stated its own testimony that brought curiosity to its target audience. The statement “there’s nothing like the luscious side of allergy tested, fragrance-free lip colour” attest that the product is good and women should try it. Therefore, women need to satisfy their curiosity towards this product, so they need to buy this Clinique lipstick.

V. Message

            The symbolisms and images that this advertisement contains give more pleasure to its target audience. As what I have stated, sharing the knowledge and symbolisms of advertisement gave more significance rather than giving information to the public. Informing the public is not as simple as telling them about the product but also by way of telling them about the product’s purpose and reasons why they need this. It cannot be heard verbally in print advertisements therefore, images and symbols are important because this is their purpose – to show the public what they got after they buy the product.

            This advertisement emphasizes womanhood as well as confidence. The public would know that by seeing this advertisement, it could give more accentuation to their individual needs that would bring self-esteem and buoyancy that having this product is not just making one looks good but giving out the compassion to do what she wanted. What this advertisement tells to the public is that one should have the capability to nurture itself in whatever kind of situation. By giving one’s self the passion to do what he or she wanted is the most valuable thing in life.

VI. Is the Advertisement effective?

            Personally, I can say that the advertisement is effective. Images and symbolisms are connected with the reason of the product as well as its meaning. What the product is trying to impose is clear even if it is only a picture. Simple attack gives greater knowledge to its target audience as what this advertisement shows.

            The advertisement can be said as effective because it attracts people by encouraging them to buy the products because of its pictures and limited but abundant statement. By way of reading the statements of this advertisement, target audience would make up their mind and buy this product because the statement is complete, no more questions that will be raised after they read the advertisement. In this case, products in this kind of attack have more possibilities to sell because of its way of advertising and informing people. Today, what people wanted is that everything they need to know should be contained to this kind of advertisement so that less hassle and haggardness will be done. That is why I can say that this advertisement is much effective rather than other products who took more meanings rather than its specific meaning.

VII. Conclusion

            As a whole, advertising is not simple. People behind those advertisements are working hard to show the people not only the product itself but also their meanings and symbolisms to the life of their target audience. By adding some ideas and creativity towards a certain advertisement, impact for the target audience will become more significant. However, as what I have said, simple attack gives greater significance to the products’ meaning and reason.

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