Analysis of Two Songs Essay

Analysis of Two Songs

            The first of two songs that I would analyze is a ballroom dance song by Cesar Concepcion, track 13 from the album. It is obviously a ballroom dance song because of its lively beat as well as the upbeat blending of the different instruments. It could be one of two genres of ballroom music that flourished in Puerto Rico: Salsa or Mambo, the latter adopted from Cuba. Cesar Concepcion was known for playing such music during his time in the Puerto Rican music scene. Ballroom Dancing was the first thing that came into my mind when I heard the opening beats; initially, Salsa. The blending of the sounds from different instruments creates a feeling in which the person’s body involuntarily moves to its beat. The music created also has the ability to make its listener feel relaxed when off the dance floor; it is possible to dance anywhere but the dance floor seems like the most suitable place for this kind of music.

            The second song was a song by Rafael Hernandez, track 15 from the album. Unlike the first song, this is not a suitable song for ballroom dancing since it has a more relaxed beat. It can be considered to fall under the Salsa genre as well but it is more of an ambient music—usually for places like a sea side bistro or the patio area of a home. The music persuades its listeners to loosen up. It seemed to take away their anxieties almost instantaneously and brings them to a place where they can sip on a cold glass of Piña Colada all day long. The trumpet or the saxophone enters the continuous beat without disturbing it. In the process, it creates a harmonic trance which dazes its listeners and helps them forget reality for a brief moment. This song’s relaxing tune can help the person think clearly after listening.