Analysis of Community Agency/ Resource in Southern Nevada for critical analysis of services provided. Essay


“FAMILY and CHILD TREATMENT ” ( F.A.C.T.) of So. Nevada.

–    Description of F.A.C.T. and its effect on the public health.

–    Description of the aggregate generally served by F.A.C.T. within So. Nevada.

–    Role of nursing within this agency / resource.

  Sometimes we forget that our children are special, not only to us as parents, but also for our society at large. Even if our society is not strongly interested in children, intervention may still be justified for re-distributive reasons. The fact that children are not transferable, while income is, does in fact bias the main best in favor of households with a comparative advantage in brining up and caring children. Sum up in brief, visibility makes children a natural target of second-best policies (it does not necessarily mean that family size should be subsidized, at least directly). If our society is directly interested in children, maybe only because of an externality, that is an additional reason for interfering with parental decisions.

                   FAMILY and CHILD TREATMENT ”  (F.A.C.T.) of So. Nevada

The main purposes and tasks of F.A.C.T. of So. Nevada:

1.      The full reconstruction and equipment of medical buildings for accommodation of official  part of system of social protection – F.A.C.T of the social help to family and children;
(we can’t see separately worth buildings the great general area, suitable for reconstruction and repair, with adjoining territory, with a transport arrangement convenient for the people, F.A.C.T is working on this problem).

2.      Involvement of professional skills and additional preparation of experts of F.A.C.T Family Center and other centers of social service of the population, other bodies of system of social protection on work with family, children and the population

3.      Rendering of the practical high-quality social – psychological help to families, handicapped children in So. Nevada;

4.      Realization of the specialized social – psychological rehabilitation skills and programs for the most requiring categories of families (having handicapped children on somatic disease ( cancer, hematological disease, children with safe mental -emotional sphere);

5.      Conducting of the scientific – methodical, research and study with experts of bodies of social protection of So. Nevada.

  Having investigation all the tasks we came to conclusion that this F.A.C.T of So. Nevada project is noncommercial; it is a project with social character only and does not provide the profit any of the sides. In case of reception of the profit due to rendering paid medical and social services to separate categories of the population, all it goes on the further development and maintenance of F.A.C.T of So. Nevada. The main purpose of F.A.C.T is maximal satisfaction of needs of the families of So. Nevada in the qualified free-of-charge and paid social – psychological help to families and handicapped children with a help of the modern psychological and social services and the additional opportunities given by the international interest in development of F.A.C.T of So. Nevada.

Description of F.A.C.T. and its effect on the public health

  F.A.C.T has made the decision support of the program of creation of the Rehabilitation Center for Families which might render the social and psychological help to the families having handicapped children with saved intellectual and emotional sphere, transferred the heavy diseases which have caused physical inability such as defeat of kidneys, a liver, a thyroid gland, other bodies and the systems, not interfering rendering of the psychological service with use of available arsenal of means of a modern psychological science.

  The specialists of F.A.C.T study also other adverse factors (as, for example, an economic crisis, an urbanization, chemicalization, alcoholism etc.), first of all influence to somatic health of children. Influence of chemical elements on occurrence of some forms of a cancer at children is officially established, growth of other pathologies of children’s health is observed.

  The specialists of F.A.C.T make very much for rescue of life of children. But influence on result of treatment render not only by medicines, but also by social and psychological conditions in family of the ill children.

  Now families, which have transferred heavy disease of the child, do not have opportunity to receive the necessary long-term social and psychological help in sufficient volume.
Proceeding social and economic crisis independently does not allow solving this sharpest problem, state and public organizations of the country have not sufficient resources, therefore the work of  F.A.C.T of So. Nevada have addressed for the help to such families.

  The main feature of F.A.C.T of So. Nevada is that it is the noncommercial, not religious and not political organization well-known all over the world.

  The specialists of F.A.C.T of So. Nevada try to recreate the system of social and psychological rehabilitation of handicapped children after somatic disease that has serious problems and requires a modernization.
The main methodological and organizational problem consists that for last 7-10 years there were global changes in treatment of many incurable before children’s somatic diseases, like sharp lymphoblast leukemia, different kinds of oncological and heavy hematological diseases. Earlier children usually quickly dying but now began to treat in 70 % of cases. The society organizations, centers and social institutes (including families of these children), appeared are not ready to a new situation which has demanded revision of social and psychological approaches to the given category of children and families.

Description of the aggregate generally served by F.A.C.T. within So. Nevada

  Today there are thousands of families with ill children. Their number, under forecasts of physicians, will be increased. Aggregate served by F.A.C.T. within So. Nevada studies given category of children on the part of the state bodies, funds, charitable and public organizations. But all attention is directed on rendering of medical aid to ill children and realized at a stage of treatment (medical support, physiological help), or is directed on physiological rehabilitation of the child after treatment.

  This aggregate is concentrated on “visually” more favorable categories of handicapped children – deprived an opportunity to move, suffering nervous paralysis, psychological problems etc. Certainly, the help is necessary for this group of children too. However children with somatic diseases which consequences do not look externally so “bad” at a stage of remission and recovery, and members of families in which they are brought up, not less, and sometimes and more, require rehabilitation and adaptation.

  The aggregate, at a reasonable and economic investment of means, may give considerably faster positive influence of normal families and child socialization, than at other categories of families with the children – invalids requiring for a life-long care. A key nucleus of such rehabilitation should become modern psychological technologies.

  Most of modern clinics are not engaged professionally and long-term in complex psychological rehabilitation of all family of such child during treatment, after its end, after a long stage of successful remission or relapse of disease.

  We are also the witnesses of terrible situation, when parents of the handicapped child by somatic disease, especially father, brothers and sisters appear are thrown in private with the hardest family problem. Within one year all life of family is devoted to rescue of life of the child and when it is rescued – parents lose ground under legs. Got used to live in extreme conditions of struggle for life, they are disaccustomed to live normally, according to society-norms. Some members of family may not cope or with a stage of treatment or with transition to normal life – the fathers leave family, siblings wish a death to the ill brother or the sister, other gross infringements of relations are shown. Similar problems are shown and in families of other hard ill children, who demand long and expensive treatment. Thus, the described situation anyhow concerns tens thousand citizens of republic – members of family with the handicapped child after somatic disease.

  The aggregate assumes creation of the Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers for Families, capable to solve these and many other sharpest problems of families by the methods of modern psychology and social care.

  Reconstruction and the equipment of Treatment Centers in which the personnel be placed is necessary for this purpose, working rooms, game rooms, trainings and educational classes etc would be equipped.

  The equipment for hotels in which the families taking place process of psychological or social – pedagogical rehabilitation and adaptation after treatment in the scientific – practical Treatment Center of children’s oncology and hematology temporarily might live is supposed. Process of rehabilitation for the majority of So. Nevada inhabitants may be carried spent without settling – in a mode of a day time hospital.

  Process of increase of professional qualification of stuff of F.A.C.T by the special training programs will be organized.

  The problem of a departmental belonging of F.A.C.T takes place, because handicapped children are in a zone of crossing of interests of bodies of public health services, bodies of social protection and educational bodies.

  However, in our opinion, F.A.C.T of So. Nevada system family approach and work with family as the social – psychological subject, requiring in successful adaptation, use of the period of remission of disease for process of rehabilitation allow counting F.A.C.T of So. Nevada as a prerogative of bodies of social protection.

  Role of nursing within this agency

  We consider the nursing as a direct irretrievable investments to the social sphere of Nevada which will allow to remove psychological and social – pedagogical work with family of the ill child, the handicapped child on somatic disease, on qualitatively new level to help thousand families and open before them an opportunity of normal integration in a society.

  The operational experience of nursing may be expanded and on usual society, will be used for struggle with drags -problems of children, teenagers, young people, for overcoming many other social – dangerous phenomena (alcoholism, neglect, violence) as bases of many cases of the similar phenomena lay in family and many psychological processes of family trouble may be corrected by similar nursing methods.

  Thus, the received experience of rehabilitation of family with ill child or children may be used in work with the family, suffering by “social” diseases.

  The nursing assumes continuous process of transfer of the experience received in F.A.C.T to experts of bodies of social nursing, education, internal affairs, public health services, the not state specialized organizations.

  Ill children realize how close they are to the reality of death. When a child is cut off from the usual life, when his or her socializing is sharply limited to the circle of other small patients, when this child is suffering both from a heavy illness and from severe treatment, such a child needs nursing help and support. The ethic-psychological work is also strongly needed for the parents, who are falling into depression and for the tired and exhausted doctors, who are experiencing hardest emotional overloads while passing over to children their strength, kindness and confidence and while trying to solve a puzzle – how to treat children if drugs are useless?

  Of course, not every expert will be capable of doing such specific work. But children do not give up hopes!

  To sum up the purposes and tasks of F.A.C.T. of So. Nevada we see that it allowed us to achieve the following objectives:

1.      Qualitative help and support families with mentally handicapped and disabled children through    social and pedagogical services, training, psychological and medical counseling, break of the social isolation for the families, development of activities for the whole family (family camps, parents meetings, shows for children and parents), to start a parents association;

2.      Safeguard the reformation of treatment for the children by reinforcing the core activities of F.A.C.T. of So. Nevada as a model of family treatment;

3.      Training of the personnel through some seminars with foreign experts (foreign experience of family work, methods of treatment of children, juridical system of families protection, parents associations etc.) and networking via Internet;

4.      Knowledge transfer to other countries by the publishing of great number of books, articles in modern scientific magazines and networking;

5.      Impact on authorities and via mass-media to society and public in disabled children and their families issue.

  That the stuff of F.A.C.T. of So. Nevada has managed to do so far is just little bits of what should be done. But if fall into despair and do nothing, than nothing will happen. There will be no our children. Therefore in every possible way F.A.C.T. of So. Nevada is searching for an opportunity to realize all its activities, it looks for scientific help, and it seeks contacts and cooperation. And F.A.C.T. of So. Nevada is prepared to share with pleasure the experience that F.A.C.T. of So. Nevada already has


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