Analysis of an Essay

Analysis of an Essay

            Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee’s story entitled “From the Sorrow and the Terror: The Haunting Legacy of the Air India Tragedy” discussed and illustrated the situation at the Cork during the result of the tragedy. The two authors thoroughly identified and specified all the details needed that the readers wanted to know as they relieve all the important data and documentations that happened during the search of the dead by their family members and friends. The purpose of the essay of Blaise and Mukherjee is to show and explain as their way of describing the effects to the readers and public the feelings of the families as well as the authorities as they become one in searching the dead bodies and to give a formal funeral. Based on the reading, the purpose was thoroughly discussed and developed into concrete and accurate justifications that provide evidences to strengthen their claims. It depicts the situation in a sensitive but accurate presentation.

In the beginning of the text, the authors have already described the situation and the problem within the whole place. It was a vast and tragic situation to all the people from the grievers, police, nuns, priest, doctors, nurses, and the whole authority of the coasts. By reading the story, the readers would have recognize the feelings of the families as they look for the bodies of their loved ones as well as the hardships of the authorities and NGOs who worked hard to provide a good communication and interaction with the families of the found bodies. The authors of the text interpret their accounts carefully as they discuss their interviews and observations in a broader knowledge in a more descriptive and intact composition. That is why as the reader, I felt the emotions and grieving of the families of the dead.

            In the beginning of the essay, the authors started to describe the scenario where all the families as well as the police and authorities are in one place to discuss the steps on how to claim their bodies. The people are helpless but choose to find their dead families. “The Gardai announced the procedure. The bodies were in their care, and they had to be sure that the right body went to the right relative. Beside, that first day, with the first batch of relatives – it was Wednesday, June 26th – the pathology teams were still working on the retrieved bodies,” (Blaise and Mekherjee 1518). It is a good justification because by thoroughly describing the situation, they also interviewed and observed different people as they showed their emotions and thoughts towards the authorities of Cork. They discussed the side of the authorities as they discuss the sides of different cases of different families from different places.

Aside from these things, the authors also covered data and information that helped the readers understand the facts that they need to know though these are basic statistics. They have presented the numbers of dead, where they transported, the numbers of bodies that were buried and cremated in different countries and places over the Cork. Of the 132 bodies recovered from the sea, 60 were shipped to India, 13 to Canada, 2 to England, and 1 to the United States (1526). Through these, readers would have basic understanding of the situation that happened after the tragedy. These statistics are plain yet accurate as the authors used simple words to make their readers understand the data.

            The authors’ choice of words is simple yet attackable. They have explained each situation, facts, data, and accounts to give evidences to their claims. The tone of the authors is constant and it does not change all throughout the text. Based on my reading, I can say that the record fairly discussed the life of the consequences in a plain figure and sensible scenario to avoid divergences and injustices all throughout the discussion for it was a sensitive issue that they have to explain thoroughly. The words are also formal and without any colloquial descriptions to help the readers understand the text in the simplest and easiest way they could.

The text has no arguments to claim but a justification to explain containing all the relevant issues that the concern citizens of the tragedy needs to know and understand. That is why in my own interpretation of the account, the authors showed all the necessary information that I need as a reader. It can be used as a basic justification or knowledge of the Air India Tragedy repercussion. It was a good narrative for it brought different accounts from different people on how they look for their family members’ bodies. Aside from this, the way they describe all the situation and steps were thoroughly defined and justified. That is why readers like me had a wonderful reading in this story as it reveals each situation in careful yet understandable manner.