A Good Man Is Hard to Find – Character Analysis: Grandmother Essay Sample

“‘She would hold been a good adult female. ’ said The Misfit. ‘if person had been at that place to hit her everyday of her life. ’ ” Flannery O’Connor. A Good Man Is Difficult To Find

In Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Difficult to Find. ” the supporter in a nameless grandma who considers that the highest virtuousness of all is to be a lady. She is invariably puting judgement upon others. However. her use in these cases gets her and her household in problem. The grandma in “A Good Man Is Difficult to Find” is barely the plump. grey. cookie-baking adult female expected of a grandma. Rather. she is a manipulative. selfish. junior-grade character who believes being a lady makes her of import above all else.

In the beginning of the narrative. an statement ensues between our grandma and Bailey. her boy. about whether to take their holiday to Florida or Tennessee. The grandma wishes to travel to East Tennessee to see old familiarities while Bailey wants to travel to Florida. She supports her statement by stating Bailey that her scruples would ne’er let her convey her kids where she knew an at large inmate. known as The Misfit was at big. When Bailey didn’t respond. she quickly turned to his married woman and told her daughter-in-law that the trip to East Tennessee would broaden the children’s head. However. the grandma ne’er turns a critical oculus upon herself. Throughout the narrative she makes many errors. For illustration. she sneaks her cat. Pitty Sling. into the auto. lies to the kids about a secret panel in a house she wishes to see. and will non acknowledge her error when she remembers the same house is in a different province. Due to the fact that she brought the cat along. the household has a wreck. and encounters The Misfit.

The grandma had been so certain that he was in Florida. Here she asks him if he would hit a lady. believing that he. like herself. thought a lady the highest in all society. Though The Misfit systematically slayings her boy and his household. she ne’er pleads for their lives. because it is non her ain. Nevertheless. when her life his threatened she does offer money and plead. Merely when she is traveling to be killed does she recognize that he is her boy. “Why you’re one of my babes. You’re one of my ain kids. ” In this minute she realizes that he excessively is a human. and that she makes errors. This is a minute of realisation. one that is instantly followed by decease. However. she grew more at that minute of decease than she of all time has through those of life. and dies with a peaceable smiling on her face. Possibly everyone has a spot of The Grandmother in them. sing themselves better than others because they are a lady. or a gentleman. or whatever it may be. However. will they. as the grandma did. calculate this out before it is excessively late?

In the short narrative. “A Good Man Is Difficult to Find. ” Flannery O’Connor creates something more a dissentious. brain-numbing. horror narrative. She creates a black narrative intertwined with symbolism and concealed significances. Possibly through the grandma she was organizing a warning. a warning that adult male frequently looks down upon another adult male. a warning to recognize that all work forces were created equal.